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Chang Gung University Graduate Institute of Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering

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Required credits 36 credits, including 25 credits for core courses and thesis writing,

as well as 11 credits for elective courses, are required to earn the master degree.  


The courses delivered from the Institute are classified as core courses, elective core courses,

and other research-related courses.

1. Core courses: Biochemical engineering, Biomedical engineering

2. Elective core courses:

†›■ Engineering courses

 — Advanced transport phenomena, ​Advanced reaction engineering, Advanced chemical thermodynamic. 

†› Biochemical/biomedical courses: Genetic engineering, Advanced biochemistry, cell biology,

 — Biomedical technologies and experiments, Introduction to bio-industry, Industrial microbiology,  

           Advanced biotechnological experiments

3. Research-related courses

†›■ Bioprocess engineering

 — Immobilized enzymes and cells, Bioseparation engineering, Theory and practices for microorganism

           improvement, Application of microorganisms, Fermentation technologies, Theory and practices for

           supercritical fluids 

†›■ Bioreactor engineering

 — Animal cell culture, Plant cell culture, Bioreactor design, Artificial organ and tissue engineering

†›■ Biomedical materials

 — Biomedical materials, Controlled release technology, Tissue engineering, Microencapsulation

†›■ Biosensors

 —  Biosensor technology, Biochip design and manufacture,


Bioelectrics Course content Information for graduate applicants may refer to Office of the Academic Affairs.